Second Employee in Less Than a Week Fires Off Angry Email to All RMJM Staff, Then Resigns

Fresh off our report from the start of this week about the troubles plaguing one of the largest architecture firms in the world, Edinburgh-based RMJM, another employee has fired off an angry company-wide email and effectively ended their career at the firm. As Building Design reports, it was Project Architect Ed Jimenez from the company’s American wing, which had formerly been know as Hillier Architecture. Based off his LinkedIn profile, Jimenez had been with the company for more than seven years, starting back in 2004 before RMJM stepped in to take over in 2007. In his mass mail, he claims that employees there have once again seen their paychecks delayed and bills unpaid (an issue the American office was already suing their parent company over). The company, once again, denied that these delays are happening anymore and told BD, “In a business of 900 people, people coming and going is a natural, regular occurrence.” However, two such public fallouts in less than a week seems far from “a natural, regular occurrence.” Here’s a section of Jimenez’s letter:

“The fact that you have chosen to delay payroll, 401k and consultant payments to the US offices again after the recent Hong Kong fallout shows that you continuously do not value your US clients or employees. This pattern is destined to failure, and you should know that your decisions have had a severe negative impact on the families of your employees.”