SEC to H’wood: ‘Read any good (check)books lately?’

sec.gifThe Wall Street Journal, which we openly despise because they make us pay to read it online, today offers a freebie that’s worth Hollywood’s time. BradGrey13.jpg

While CEO/slave wage disparities are the norm everywhere, apparently, the SEC wants to know more about the osbcene wealth that accrues to the folks who unleash cultural abortions like “Benchwarmers,” and this has the media congloms justifiably worried about financial profligacy in the exec suites coming to light.

To wit:

“To lure Brad Grey away from his talent-management firm to be head of Paramount, for example, Viacom offered a fat salary and bonus that would likely place him among the top three earners at the company alongside Chairman Sumner Redstone and CEO Tom Freston, according to people familiar with the matter. Depending on how well the company performs, Mr. Grey’s combined salary and bonus could approach Mr. Redstone’s in some years. That might raise some eyebrows on Wall Street because Paramount accounted for only 2.4% of Viacom’s operating earnings last year.”

And Sumner doesn’t want this known? Unimaginable as to why…