A Milestone for Sebastian Junger’s Conflict Journalism Training Course

Recent session in Turin was RISC's 12th.

With the completion of a course held in late July in Turin, Italy, the organization RISC (Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues) has now trained 288 journalists and photographers on how to optimally handle the challenges of conflict journalism.

Vice contributor Daniel Tepper, who is based part of the year in Turin and took the RISC course in 2013, spent time at this latest session and has filed an instructive look at what’s involved. For the piece, he gathered the thoughts of photographers Federico Rios (Colombia), Andrew Esiebo (Nigeria) and Gabriele Micalizzi (Italy), as well as those of RISC head instructor Sawyer Alberi, who calls rural Vermont home. Says Alberi:

“These journalist have been gassed, they’ve been shot at. I’ve been counting and I think there’s a 22 percent rate of kidnapped people in the course. You don’t get that in the average outdoor education class, it adds a different element to it. It also inspires me to do the best work that I possibly can for these journalists because they are putting their lives on the line for this.”

The RISC course begins with several days of first-aid education and ends with a full-scale, all-out drill that uses many gallons of fake blood to mimic combat conditions. Just ten days before the RISC course, Micalizzi was hit by mortar fire while traveling in a vehicle in Libya and her fixer was injured. Tepper’s piece features some good photos, which can be seen here.

Photo via: Instagram