SeaWorld to Shamu: No More Tweets

SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla., may be attempting a return to normalcy following the tragic death of whale trainer Dawn Brancheau after being pulled into a tank by 12,000-pound killer whale Tillikum, but it will apparently not be business as usual for the Shamu Twitter account, as The Wall Street Journal‘s Digits reported that it was announced via tweet that the account will no longer be active.

The tweet reads:

At this difficult time, @Shamu will not be active. For Twitter updates follow @SeaWorld_Parks.

The second link is to a post on the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Blog, which reads:

About a year ago, SeaWorld launched a Twitter account giving voice to Shamu. In part because of his worldwide celebrity and in part because of his ability to find humor in the world around him, @Shamu has gained a significant following on Twitter. Many of his most loyal followers have noted his absence from Twitter since the tragic events of Wednesday, Feb. 24, at SeaWorld Orlando.

At this difficult time, @Shamu will not be active on Twitter, as users who follow @Shamu have come to expect posts that are light-hearted and perhaps a bit quirky. SeaWorld’s other accounts, including @SeaWorld_Parks, will remain active and regular updates will be communicated through Twitter and other social-networking platforms.

We will continue to provide information in this space on our review of this incident and the changes to our procedures that may progress from it. We thank you for the thousands of messages of support during this extraordinarily difficult time.

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