More Twitter Trending Topics Start In Seattle Than Any Other City [STUDY]

A new study has revealed that more trending topics originate on Seattle than any other U.S. city, and by quite some margin.

Researchers at Indiana University analysed more than 11,000 hashtags trending on Twitter in 63 different cities and discovered that 1,187 of these hashtags began in Seattle before going on to trend nationally.

Los Angeles (967) and Atlanta (663) finished second and third in the poll. Of note: Seattle’s tally included just one truly major hashtag, which was #XboxOne.

The team also found that most hashtags had an active usage life expectancy of 20 minutes or less, with just 0.3 percent lasting more than one day.

“I’d say that Seattle people have a particular tendency to generate catchy hashtags around entertaining topics of conversation — e.g., #HighschoolHasTaughtMe or #YouWillNotBeTakenSeriouslyIf — that is uncommon among other cities,” said Emilio Ferrara, the study’s lead researcher. ”For example, most trending hashtags Los Angeles or New York contributed to the national trends are about real world event, like #BenghaziInFourWords or #PrayForOklahoma.”

(Source: Seattle Times. Seattle image: terrellcwoods via Flickr.)

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