Seattle Still Struggling to Get Its Architecture Interesting Again


It looks like Seattle is still trying to turn things around in its quest to have better architecture. In recent times, first there was the report from the American Institute of Architects near the end of last year that shamed the city for having very few interesting and/or creative buildings, which even the local press agreed with (though the cabbie vote is still very pro-Seattle). But over the summer, things started to look up a bit as Greg Nickels, the city’s mayor, decided that someone ought to make a rule within the city limits to ban ugly buildings. Now the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has offered a rundown on recent creative and/or interesting projects that have popped up and has issued a “be careful what you wish for” warning by showing how a lot of these new creations haven’t exactly passed muster. With a few exceptions, the paper call out the number of buildings that are largely just “an effort to jazz up what’s basically a box,” and demands that the city lighten up and start pushing itself harder to make it stand-out, for as the old saying goes, “One Space Needle does not an architecturally strong city make.”