Seattle Seahawks’ Chris Matthews Is Turning Out to Be a Great Super Bowl Ad for Foot Locker

Dominant wide receiver once sold sneakers

Foot Locker didn't have to buy an advertisement in this year's Super Bowl—it has one playing in the game. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Chris Matthews worked at Foot Locker before the team recruited him, and he's become a hero in the playoffs.

His surprising postseason run was topped off when he made a touchdown catch, with just two seconds left in the first half, to tie the game. That was enough to send him trending on Twitter and give Foot Locker a big boost.

By the second half, "Foot Locker" was trending on Twitter, as well, making the sneaker shop perhaps the big winner among non-Super Bowl brands looking to make marketing hay during advertising's biggest day of the year.

A lot of brands are trying to capture excitement, but as a number of Twitter fans noted, you can't buy the kind of exposure Foot Locker is getting right now.

Unfortunately, when announcers talked about Matthews during the game they only referred to his humble origins working for a "sporting goods store." So, clearly the National Football League was not going to give Foot Locker any unpaid attention.

Here's a look at Foot Locker's tweet and fans' reactions: