Seattle PostGlobe Packs It In

After two years, the Seattle PostGlobe—founded by laid-off Post-Intelligencer staff after their paper closed—is shutting down due to a gradual departure of staff and lack of funding, the site said today.

Donations, co-founder and curator Sally Deneen said, have dried up. Ads “have generated no meaningful revenue — ever.” So as the journalists working for the site for very little money found other jobs, there have been fewer and fewer people left to run the PostGlobe.

Kery Murakami, who spearheaded the site, was pretty much running everything within six months of the site’s founding, as other reporters left for new jobs. He was suddenly the “primary reporter, editor, art director, accountant, copy chief, IT troubleshooter.”

So now the site is shutting down, though the owners will try to keep the archives up as long as possible.

The closure of the site could be seen as a good thing—so many people got jobs that there was nobody left to volunteer on this site—or as a blow for local journalism. At least they still have the Times.

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