Seasons Greetings From VandeHarris

After a week of constant mentions about that new eBook by Mike Allen and Evan Thomas in “Playbook”, you’d think readers would get a break from the self-congratulatory holiday card. But, no. Here you have a note that went out yesterday from Politico brass. Congratulations to Allen on his eBook! Maybe MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ JFK book can get in on this action?

Dear Friends,

As one of POLITICO’s loyal readers, you know our specialty is cutting through the clutter to get you straight to the point. In that spirit, we will get right to the point:  POLITICO is out with a new eBook, written by Mike Allen and Evan Thomas, titled “Playbook 2012: The Right Fights Back,” which shot instantly to the top of the charts on Amazon and iBooks. In our opinion (and in the opinion of reviewers), it rocks. The book is loaded with news and insight on the 2012 race. So, if you haven’t already, we hope you’ll take a moment to buy it today for only $2.99.

We know it’s hard to make an eBook a stocking stuffer, but this might be just the right thing for the political junkie in your life.

Season’s greetings,
John Harris & Jim VandeHei

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