Search Multiple Video Websites and Create a Playlist With Streamobi

streamobiFresh out of a nearly one-year beta period, video aggregator Streamobi hopes to reinvent the way you search and play streaming video on the Web.Your favorite videos can be amassed into a single playlist, regardless of what video site they are discovered on. Streamobi allows you to search videos on multiple sites and watch them all in one location. One of the neat features is that you can search for additional or tweak your playlist without interrupting the current stream.

An autoplay feature will play videos in order, eliminating the annoying start and stop and start functionality that many other Web video sites employ.

In typical Web 2.0 fashion you can create a friend list and shared videos with friends. The selected clips will show up in your friend’s “My Shared Videos” playlist for them to watch.

While I appreciate the elimination of having to copy and paste a link, I’m not sure I’d check the video folder regularly for suggestions. On the other hand, I know I’ll check my e-mail several times a day.

The folks behind Streamobi are gearing up to launch a beta version of Cell phones with a true mobile browser and Flash support will be able to enjoy Streamobi on the go.