Search Facebook Applications More Effectively

Clever Hippo, is a slick application that was launched about a week ago. I initially delayed a review because I didn’t see much value in an application search engine given that Facebook has one. In the long run, I still don’t see this as an effective business model given that Facebook is going to be forced to update their directory sorting functions due to the massive influx of new applications. For the time being though, Clever Hippo is pretty darn useful.

Clever Hippo not only searches application titles and descriptions but also the names of developers that have built them. There are also a number of sorting features that allow you to browse through your search results more efficiently. Ultimately, this is what the Facebook application directory should be. I’m guessing that eventually it will be similar but not in the immediate future given all of their other development projects. If you want an alternative way of finding applications, then go grab the Clever Hippo Search Engine application.

Clever Hippo Search Screenshot

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