Search and Share Wine Suggestions With Adegga

Wine goes well with so many things, like great meals and great friends. So why not social networking? And I don’t mean sipping a glass of Shiraz as you search for former classmates on Facebook.Rather than cluelessly grab a bottle for $11.99 (yours truly included), you can now discover and choose wine by sharing your opinions with people you trust thanks to, a Social Wine Discovery service. This is a Web site that is guaranteed to keep your glass half full… or empty!


Currently in a private beta, the company plans to get better with age before they open the doors for the masses. However, once open to the public, the site boasts some neat features. Among them are a virtual cellar where you can create a wish list; a ratings section where you can critique wines you’ve tried (this is useful to share with others and to keep a virtual log of what you liked and didn’t); a watch list so you can keep track of what your “friends” and favorite shop owners are drinking; wine finder which allows you to search by price or region; and a wine shop finder that allows you to review establishments.

Confused between that bottle of Três Bagos 2003 and that Alexandre Bonnet Grande Réserve Brut? We are too! Hopefully Adegga will level the playing field so that wine snobs aren’t so snobby and that layman aren’t so lame!

The site is free for users, with plans to potentially charge wine shops and producers in the future for extra features. While not the first wine 2.0 site, Adegga’s hoping to pop Cork’d and the other players currently available in the virtual wine rack known as the World Wide Web.

Wine Suggestions With Adegga