Sean Hannity Shows Why ‘Man on the Street’ No Longer Works

Do we vet interviewees -- and interviewers -- anymore?

ivory ned hannityTensions are still extremely high in Ferguson, as noted by the tragic shooting of two St. Louis County police officers this week.

The shooting followed U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department report on police in Ferguson, which argued that the “implicit and explicit racial bias” displayed by officers there helped “foster the unhappy environment,” according to the Washington Post. 

NBC News quoted Holder, who condemned the shootings as “heinous and cowardly,” calling them the work of “a damn punk.”

We all have our won ideas and perceptions about this never-ending story, but innocent people were harmed and killed, businesses were destroyed, and reputations were damaged.

This brings us to FOX News’ Sean Hannity.

The beloved “Man on the Street’ interview” is a classic journalism tactic used to get the average Joe’s feelings on a given issue: just yank someone out of his/her natural habitat and see what they say. This technique once offered insights into a community, but today it more often serves as a launching pad for YouTube virality and nonsensical discussion.

The “man” Hannity he chose to exhibit his superiority and snark was local activist and protestor Ivory Ned.

The guy has convictions, but he’s a little hazy on the facts — which is why Hannity decided to turn his bully pulpit into a quiz show. This segment preceded a woman who had “no feeling” when she heard the shots that injured those police officers.

The interview ends with a guest saying “Ugh, that is terrible TV.” Let’s hope some bigwig at FOX News heard that, because “man on the street” isn’t working anymore.

Terrible TV, indeed.