“Scrubs” mission: Out with the new, in the with old

We have a certain respect for “Scrubs.”header_cast.jpg

And in this weekend’s New York Times (which carries an interview with series creator Bill Lawrence) you can see why:

“Rather than trying to seek out new viewers, our survival technique was to try and hold on to the old ones,” Mr. Lawrence said, acknowledging that the sudden switches from Looney Tunes to pathos can be jarring. “So now we do stuff that we know will make real fans of the show laugh, assuming they can find us. We’re like ‘The Simpsons’ in that every episode has jokes that are only going to be funny to people that have watched at least 20 or 30 episodes of the show. We aren’t writing for people that have turned this show on for the first time.”

My accountant, Morty, has personal credo about cinema. He explained it to me once: “I only watch movies I’ve already seen.”

Finally, a television show has embraced Morty’s “Mobius strip” logic, recruiting only the viewers it already has signed up.