ScrollMotion Tells eBN About its eTextbooks


eBookNewser talked to Josh Koppel, one of the co-founders of ScrollMotion, about the company’s new venture into eTextbooks for iPad and iPhone/ iPod Touch. Koppel explained what we can expect from ScrollMotion’s new “textbook product,” as he calls it. As we reported earlier, the App developer has announced partnerships with Pearson, McGarw-Hill, Kaplan, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Koppel said he expects the first eTextbooks to appear in the App store will be from Kaplan.

Fron his description it sounds like ScrollMotion’s textbooks will be more complicated than either its eBooks, kids eBooks or its magazine apps. Here’s what he said the new eTextbooks will do:

“It’s probably the most complex experience because not only are you dealing with all the reading, but you have all the extra functionality–assessment, tests, more robust highlighting, note taking, audio notes, more robust searching, a live glossary. You can turn on the glossary and suddenly all the words are definable. We’ve been thinking through all the problems and issues of what a student needs to do.”

Audio notes sounds especially cool. Makes one almost want to go back to school. Almost.

Koppel wasn’t able to discuss Apple’s plans for the iBooks store, but said he knows the eTextbooks will be available as apps through the app store. As to whether they will also be available through iBooks, he said he couldn’t say.