ScrollMotion Jumps into Kids eBooks

The eBook app developer ScrollMotion has one of the most ambitious programs for releasing eBooks for the iPhone. The company has adult books from most of the major publishers in its Iceberg Reader platform, most of them priced to match the hardcover. But this holiday season, the company has made a big leap into children’s books with Iceberg Reader Kids.

From what eBookNewser has been, the Iceberg kids apps are very cool. While each book is sold as a separate app, they all feature the same playful navigation system–involving musical buttons–and the ability to record a reading of the text that can be played back as the illustrations go by, a feature that’s become especially trendy with kids eBooks (Ripple, which eBookNewser has already reported on, offers a similar feature). According to John Roderick, spokesman for ScrollMotion, “We’ve been adding dozens of new kids book titles to the store each week.” These include Curious George books, The Mr. Men books, The Poler Express, and The Pokey Little Puppy. Click here to download the full list of currently available titles.

ScrollMotion has just released a free sampler app that offers samples of some of the titles. You can download it from iTunes here. These apps might make good stuffers for your eStockings.

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