“Scroll Kit” Tool For De-Templated Design Goes Live, Adds New Features

Synchronized perfectly with the start of the annual SXSW conference in Austin, Cody Bown and Kate Ray have announced improvements to their design tool, Scroll Kit.

You may remember we wrote about Scroll Kit back in October when it was in super-beta and you could only request invites. The tool allows you to step outside the templatized world of news design, where every headline is the same size and every photo is placed in the same spot no matter how important the story or good the art. The concept of customized design tailored to each story is the nexus of print design, but isn’t transferred to web design at all. Scroll Kit lets you easily take advantage of what the web has to offer in terms of design using drag ‘n drop tools. See a live demo if you want to play around with layers, colors, fonts and the other new features. 

The recent updates to the now-live tool include:

  • Custom domains – So you can map your own domain name to any page you publish using Scroll Kit. In a newsroom, this might mean building out a special project page, then pointing projectname.yournewsorganization.com to Scroll Kit.
  • Embeddable video – Just copy the iframe embed code and paste it into the editor window.
  • An email collector – So people who visit your page can submit their email addresses (for things like mailing lists, questions, etc).

For inspiration, Scroll Kit team members have set up sample pages to show you what’s possible. Examples are below:

Profile pages


Landing pages


Special editorial features


If you happen to be at SXSW and want to meet up with the ScrollKit crew, send ’em a note to let them know. If your’e experimenting with ScrollKit in your newsroom, send me your samples and I’ll feature them here.