Scridb Updates 20 Million Documents to HTML5

H ave you ever uploaded a document to Scribd, and then embedded it in a webpage? You might want to go look at it, because Scribd put out an update yesterday.

From now on, all documents from Scribd that are embedded elsewhere on the web are going to be displayed using HTML5, the next generation web language. This update will let you read the embedded documents from any device with a modern browser. Previously you could only read the embedded documents from devices that supported Adobe Flash, which means you couldn’t see them (for example) from an iPad or from an Android tablet.

More people will be able to see these docs, which means it will be easier to share them without actually having to send everyone a copy. 10 million people access Scribd documents now, and that’s only going to go up now that more devices are supported.

Scribd will also roll out an update to existing embedded documents in the next few weeks. They’re all going to be switched over to the new HTML5 display.

P.S. Let me give you an example of the new HTLM5 support.

Scribd to Convert Embedded Documents into HTML5, Press Release

via Scribd