Screw the system. Publish your own content!

For a while, I felt like I was living a double life by having a non-work related blog, but turns out a lot of my fellow journalists also have side projects outside of the newsroom that range from books to blogs (and some very interesting gigs in between).

For those writers who don’t want to wait to land that big book deal, there are several sites that make publishing your own print publication a breeze.

Sites like CreateSpace let budding authors publish their own books that are printed as they are ordered, rather than buying a large number of copies that must be sold to see a profit. If you are interested in buying large numbers of your own book, check out or Wordclay.

The magazine market is a crowded one and some great publications come and go. But by using MagCloud, which prints your custom-designed magazine for you much in the way CreateSpace does, you can reach your target audience without forking over any money up front. MagCloud will take your PDF and print and ship glossy magazines to your readers, while you set your own price and revenue.

If you’re thinking print but on a smaller scale, consider uploading your documents to Scribd, a self-publishing site and searchable index. Once you’ve uploaded your Word/Excel/PDF/text doc, you can embed it in any site, including your blog.

Audiophiles should also consider setting up their own online radio show and broadcasters who want more than what YouTube can offer should check out, where anyone can stream live video with as little as a webcam and an internet connection.

And if you’re already blogging, consider that blogs like Stuff White People Like and sites like Urban Dictionary have already transformed their online content into successful publications.