Screenvision Launches Digital In-Lobby Cinema Promos

Theater lobby promotions may never be the same. Cinema ad rep firm Screenvision announced Thursday (April 2) it has inked a partnership with Cinema Scene Marketing that will bring a host of interactive digital marketing promotions to cinema lobbies.
Based in Overland, Kansas, Cinema Scene Marketing’s digital media network gives advertisers new options beyond the traditional ads on soda cups, popcorn bags and giant cut-outs to include messages displayed on 3-D LCD screens, 3-D billboards and digital, interactive kiosks.
“These products have been cleverly designed to provide the consumer reason to pause,” said Matthew Kearney, CEO for Screenvision.
Although in-lobby advertising has been an ancillary revenue stream for cinema advertising, about 9 percent of the total, per the Cinema Advertising Council, new ways to engage the moviegoer in the lobby could boost the segment. Traditionally a popular venue for movie studios, other advertisers are adding lobby promotions to the cinema ad mix to reach consumers from the beginning to the end of the cinema experience.
“We’ve seen retailers such as Wal-Mart and JCPenney, Verizon Wireless and others use lobby promotions,” said Kearney. According to Screenvision, cinema advertising generates a 77 percent purchase intent for clients looking to reach consumers. “Advertisers adopting the big screen are looking to do more,” he added.
Screenvision, which has exclusive rights to sell interactive promotions throughout its theater network, has already installed Cinema Scene’s TrailerVision, LCD screens that combine elements of static movie posters with digital technology to stream ads, in 100 locations. Like
Screenvision’s pre-show advertising on the big screen, the in-lobby digital platforms will also be networked.
For Cinema Scene Marketing, the deal with Screenvision expands its digital network, currently in 56 locations. By the end of 2009, Cinema Scene Marketing expects its interactive in-lobby network to be in 230 locations.