Screenshots of News Feed, Mini Feed, Facebook Chat on iPhone

The Facebook for iPhone app marks the first time 3 key Facebook features will be available for mobile: your News Feed, profile page Mini Feeds, and Facebook Chat. We downloaded the Facebook for iPhone app tonight – here are screenshots of all 3:

1. News Feed

facebook for iphone home page

The Facebook for iPhone home page is not a true News Feed but a precursor to one that only contains status updates and photo uploads. Nevertheless, status updates and photo uploads are two of the most compelling content types in the News Feed. “What are my friends doing?” is an interesting question that can now quickly be answered anytime anywhere by pulling up the Facebook app’s home page.

2. Mini Feed

facebook for iphone mini feed

Likewise, the Facebook for iPhone Mini Feed is not a true Mini Feed but just a stream of your latest status updates and Photos stories. New friends, Platform apps, and many other kinds of stories are missing.

3. Facebook Chat

facebook for iphone chat

Facebook Chat on the iPhone looks and feels a lot like iChat except without the carrier fees. If you have simultaneous sessions open in a desktop web browser your conversation with update on both, which is a nice touch if you want to continue a conversation while switching devices.