Scrapblog Launches New Facebook App for Valentine’s Day

Scrapblog, an online photo sharing service that recently received $2.5 million in funding from Walt Disney’s Steamboat Ventures, launched its first ever Facebook application this week, Share the Love.

Share the Love is free and pulls photos from a user’s Facebook photo albums and, with the app’s QuickMix technology, automatically creates a Valentine’s Day-themed digital greeting card. The user then has the option to include up to 10 photos, change the background, add stickers or caption bubbles to the card before publishing it.

Scrapblog CEO Jill Braff said the launch of the app is part of the company’s strategy to broaden its reach beyond their web site into the realm of Facebook, which has become the largest photo depository on the web. Scrapblog wants to be not only a place to share photos, but rather she tells us, an online service for social storytelling with photos.

When a user publishes the Share the Love digital card, it appears on their Wall for all their friends to see, notifies everyone tagged in the photos and also creates a separate photo album for Share the Love photo collages where each subsequent card ends up.

Scrapblog has included elements of social games and virtual goods within the app; each first-time user is granted 100 credits to spend in the Share the Love Marketplace on stickers, backgrounds and text and repeated users of the app earn more points through use, such as sharing your collages. The more points, the more access to exclusive content.

Adding the social gaming element to the mix is another way Scrapblog is trying to help users tell stories, giving them incentives like earned and purchased credits for different content, hopefully enticing users to come back to the app and share it with friends.

Although Scrapblog has more than 6,200 fans on Facebook, most of their traffic is still coming through their web site. Share the Love is a way to branch out, Braff said. Facebook is where most young people share their photos, Scrapblog is hoping to become the go-to means to share them, she added.

“People today are sharing photos digitally and photos are more and more about that moment in time. What we’re trying to do is not just let you celebrate the hallmark holidays with your photos, but experience day-to-day photo sharing in a much wider usage,” Braff tells us.

Eventually Scrapblog hopes to add other features, like music, as well as add other virtual goods in their effort to become a leading digital photo sharing service.

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