Scrabulous Drama Finally Comes to a Close

This has been the year of Scrabulous. In January of this year, Facebook received a letter from the Hasbro and Mattel lawyers asking them to shut down the Scrabulous application. Since then, there has been numerous updates including Scrabulous being forced to ultimately change their application name from “Scrabulous” to Wordscraper. Today, Reuters is reporting that Hasbro has officially withdrawn their lawsuit against RJ Softwares, the company behind Wordscraper and the original Scrabulous.

So why did Hasbro withdraw the suite? Ultimately they got what they were coming for and now the company has a successful application running on Facebook which is larger than Wordscraper as of Novermber 3rd. A look at the 60 day chart of the two legal Scrabble applications and the Wordscraper application, effectively illustrates what has taken place.

Wordscraper traffic growth has been relatively flat while Scrabble Beta (for Canada and U.S. users) and Scrablle Worldwide (everyone else), have grown significantly. Rather than drawing out the lawsuit, Hasbro is apparently satisfied with their application growth and have decided to leave Rajat and Jayant Argarwalla (the brothers behind the Wordscraper application) alone.

It looks like the damage has been done and now Wordscraper can hopefully stand on their own. We haven’t been able to track whether or not the brothers have launched other applications since but 200,000 monthly active users for the application isn’t bad at all.

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