Scoutle automates your social networking activities

I know this may sound absurd, but Scoutle actually touts itself as an automated social networking. Meaning, you as an individual doesn’t have to communicate with anyone, interact or network to build your own social networking circle. Scoutle promises to do that for you. What’s more, Scoutle promises to build a social network of people that you actually find interesting and not just anybody who wants to build their social networking contacts by adding anybody even if they don’t know them.

So, how does Scoutle plans to do that task? Through what it calls as Scout (hence the name Scoutle). After successfully creating an account (the site is in open beta mode, so you can quickly create an account) the next thing that you need to do is to create your SCOUT.
Your Scout basically does two important things. Scout the web for other scouts which it thinks you would find interesting. And since these scouts represent real people like you, what they are also reflects their owners. Hence, once your Scout meets another scout whom it find interesting, you are actually networking with another person through both of your scouts. And while your scout scout the web for other scouts, it also promotes your site or blog, which later on could result into site visitors and increased page views for your site.

Remember, your scout is actually your profile. So make sure you make your scout’s profile as interesting as possible as well as fully representing of your true self. The information you entered in your Scout’s profile would determine the success of your Scoutle activities – that is to build a social network for you.

Although a bit confusing, perhaps the best way to appreciate Scoutle is to try it out and see how it lives up to the hype it wants to build. The best thing about it is that it does not brag to be a better social networking than the others. It just wants to add one more social network in on the web while at the same time helping people create their own online presence.

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