Scott Walker Redefines ‘Flip-Flop’ to Bret Baier

"How can voters be sure you're not going to change your mind on some other big issues?"

If a governor changes his position on immigration and no one is around to hear it, does it really count?

According to Wisconsin Governor and potential 2016 candidate, Scott Walker (R), changing your position on an issue can only be considered flip-flopping when you are able to have an “impact” on the issue at hand.

Tuesday night on “Special Report,” Fox News anchor, Bret Baier asked Walker if he’s “willing to flip-flop” on an issue such as immigration, “how can voters be sure you’re not going to change your position on some other big issues?”

“There’s not a flip out there,” responded Walker. “A flip would be someone who voted on something and did something different. I don’t have any impact on immigration as a governor or former county official.”

Just so we’re clear, Merriam-Webster defines a “flip-flop” as one of two things: “a type of loose rubber sandal” or  “a sudden change of opinion.” Pretty sure he’s not talking about the former…

Watch a clip from the interview, courtesy of Fox News.

[h/t The Daily Caller]