Scott Vance Joins

From the Post’s internal announcement:

    We are delighted to announce that Scott Vance will be joining as Assistant Managing Editor for News. This is one of the most vital roles at the website, one that will place Scott in the critical position of overseeing our news operation and how we present our journalism on the homepage.

    We expect Scott to help lead both our newsrooms as we continue to make the transition into a world where more and more people are turning to the web first, both for breaking news and for a trenchant take on what that news means. Scott’s broad depth of experience, having worked on national, local and foreign policy matters in his long career at the paper, makes him an ideal choice to lead our news operation here.

    He will oversee a news desk staff of about 20 people, and shepherd our efforts to dominate the coverage of the day, whether it involves the work of the Post’s newsroom, videography, interactive graphics or lively discussions. That will mean working closely with other key editors both at the website and at the paper to ensure our coverage is timely, dynamic, competitive and innovative.

    We are also counting on Scott to be a crucial partner in helping navigate change at The Post’s newsroom. Scott will work with the Continuous News Desk at the paper, as well as its top section editors to collaborate with them in determining what their staffs can do to best suit the needs and interests of a web audience.

    Scott is a proven leader, with impeccable news judgment, an unflappable temperament and endless energy and ideas for improving coverage. For the past year, he has been the National editor, overseeing the editors and reporters on one of the newsroom’s busiest staffs. Before that, he was the National Security Editor, where he drove our Washington coverage of the Iraq war, of Abu Ghraib, and of the Pulitzer prize winning work of his writers.

    Before joining National, Scott was the Virginia editor, a job that pulled him into local politics, weather, sprawl and traffic. He joined The Post after more than a decade spent as a reporter and editor at the Detroit News.

    Now, he’s ready for a new frontier. He’ll start at as soon as we can release him from his current post.