Scott Turow, J.A. Konrath, Barry Eisler Respond To DOJ Investigation

As Apple and the big six publishers are being investigated by the Department of Justice for alleged eBook price collusion, various different people in the publishing business are speaking out.

Authors Guild president Scott Turow’s blogged about the dangers of Amazon in a response to the allegations. He wrote: “Amazon was using e-book discounting to destroy bookselling, making it uneconomic for physical bookstores to keep their doors open.”

Authors Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler responded to Turow in a blog post. Konrath wrote: “Translation: Amazon was using free enterprise to gain market share, something that worries inferior competition.”

Eisler responded: “Oh come on, Amazon’s lower prices were intended to “destroy book selling?” Not to sell more books and gain market share? It’s ipso facto evil to compete via lower prices?” I really wish all companies would collude to charge higher prices. That world would be a better place.”