Scott Stossel Discusses The Atlantic

scott stossel GScott Stossel, editor of The Atlantic, has a lot of interesting things to say in an interview with the Nieman Foundation. For starters, he declared himself “platform agnostic” and openly discussed the benefits of folding the magazine and going digital-only. Like we said, interesting! Below are some highlights from the piece.

On a digital-only Atlantic:

My hope is that we’ll continue to get enough print advertising to invest in the print product. But I’m platform agnostic. In fact, if we could suddenly convert our 500,000 print subscribers—all of them pay, even though all the content is free on the Web—to digital subscribers and scrap the print magazine, our bottom line would be so much better. We could pay writers more because we wouldn’t be paying for printing and mailing.

On reinventing the Atlantic brand:

We brought in a brand consultant and all these marketers. At the time, it felt a little bit squishy and bogus, but I have to say it was a useful exercise to think very deeply about what is our core DNA. For us, it’s ideas journalism, covering the world of ideas. We extracted this core DNA and then thought, How do we carry it into events and online?