Scott Adams (Dilbert) Took Up Microsoft’s Windows Phone Challenge

Image courtesy of AOL Joystiq.

There’s a saying that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. And, it looks like Microsoft’s Brandon Watson (Director for developer experience of Windows Phone 7) is putting it to the test. He learned of Scott Adams’ (creator of the tech-focused Dilbert comic strip) dissatisfaction with both Android and iPhone and made Adams the following offer:

Take Windows Phone for a spin. I’ll send you a developer phone with the new Mango OS on it. Give it an honest run, and if you don’t love it more than either of your iPhone or Android experiences, I’ll make a $1000 donation to the charity of your choice.


Windows Phone Challenge – update (Scott Adams Blog)

Adams took Watson up on the offer. However, he also noted that Sprint replaced the problematic HTC Android phone and he is now reevaluating Android.

This offer could take some interesting directions for Watson. If Adams decides he likes the next generated Mango powered Windows Phone, that, of course, is a win. On the other hand, like it or not, Adams could use his Windows Phone Mango experience for comic fodder. Then, a charity would benefit from Watson’s $1000 and Windows Phone could endure the kind of ridicule Apple’s Newton saw in Doonesbury and other comic strips in the 1990s.

Note that Mango is a big upgrade for Windows Phone. So, Adams’ experience will be different from users of current generation Windows Phone devices.