Scotland’s National Center for Design and Architecture in Danger of Closing Forever

Proof that times are tough all over (in good with Getty or otherwise blessed with Renzo Piano-hiring money), the Times in the UK is reporting that Scotland’s The Lighthouse, the country’s main center of design and architecture, might very well have to close its doors forever if it doesn’t get help from the government to the tune of more than $300,000. After several major blows over the year, from losing funding for its major festival that was to net the foundation millions of dollars for its operation, to then losing a donation because it lost the festival, the Lighthouse has found itself in a tremendous pinch. After seeing their appearance at the Venice Biennale this year, our thoughts are with them and we’re hoping for the best now that they’re at the whim of the government. Here’s a bit more from the Times:

A forecast carried out by the centre, in Glasgow, to assess how it will cope with the financial downturn has estimated that it will go into deficit after the Christmas period.

Managers are now seeking a $245,000 loan from Glasgow City Council to cover the potential funding gap, as well as a rise in its annual grant to $100,000 and a capital grant of $100,000. Councillors will vote on Friday on whether to approve the financial package sought by the centre.

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