Scoreboard Sports Show Makes Facebook a Video Content Channel

Scoreboard is a new Facebook application from Screenpop that allows the user to interact with the sports show in a game-like interface. The app incorporates video, comments, viral elements as well as Credits and Scoreboard is one of several other apps — such as ustream, Dark Knight and Facebook Live — which are turning Facebook into a viable video content channel. The app launched on March 4.

The app is easy to use and loads to the sports show interface on the Watch The Show tab. You can see the upcoming show schedule and watch the first game, or click over to the Play The Game tab and begin to interact with the show.

This game portion of the Scoreboard app allows users to predict scores of upcoming football (soccer) matches in the English Premier League. During the week leading up to the game users may make predictions, comment and interact with other users, and use in-game currency to make “bets” on these predictions.

When the hourlong show portion of the app airs every Friday live, it will incorporate content generated from the interactive portion of the app, creating the feel of a competition between Facebook users and the BBC Radio pundits and former pro football players that host the show.

The game portion of Scoreboard allows users to make predictions, augment these with in-game “bets,” track your progress (Achievements), post comments and interact with other users, win “trophies” and post to the stream. The app also incorporates Credits to allow users to further augment their predictions with in-game currency to “boost” their predictions.