Score Facebook Credits For Unused Gift Cards On Cardpool Site

Trade in unused value on gift cards and receive Facebook Credits in return through Cardpool.

Facebook Credits has become part of Cardpool, which solves one of the biggest stumbling blocks the stored-value card industry has grappled with: recouping leftovers.

If you’ve ever gotten a gift certificate in any format, you can surely appreciate this. Whatever you want to buy rarely comes out to the exact same amount of money as the value you’ve been given. Any unused funds on a card would become the property of the issuer by a point in time usually specified in fine print. lets you trade in gift cards from any merchant and receive Facebook Credits in return. You can also exchange a gift card for credit at Amazon or cash. These options all give you up to 92 percent of the cash value back.

The site also sells gift cards at discounts of up to 30 percent, and promises no expiration dates on them. There’s a pretty extensive selection of merchants, and you can create a wishlist showing which retailers you’d like to receive as plastic. also offers free shipping to both buyers and sellers of gift cards, and asks the latter to mail in their plastic to complete transactions.

As if all that isn’t nifty enough, offers a money-back guarantee effective for up to 100 days after a purchase of a card, with a maximum of $1,000 per customer.

Plus, the site is a running a promotion: for every friend you invite to, you earn $10 when they make their first purchase. The referral bonus code works when you send it via email, Facebook posts or tweets.

You can include your wish list in a referral, so you could easily make that Hamilton on something that might appear in your own stockings this year.

Does learning about make you want to include the site in your holiday gifting plans?