Scopely Announces Publishing Partnership with Make it Rain Developer Space Inch

disco bees 650

Make it Rain developer Space Inch has announced it has entered into a long-term partnership with mobile entertainment network and publisher Scopely, which will see the publisher acquire Space Inch’s Disco Bees. The partnership will also add Make it Rain to Scopley’s ad network, and will see the two companies working together on future Space Inch games.

Scopely offers “tailored strategies and resources” for each game’s own needs in the market. This includes access to tools for user acquisition, monetization optimization and social enhancements, as well as data for player feedback and more. Scopely hopes to increase the popularity of Disco Bees, which was first released in October 2013, while also boosting the revenue of other games in the Space Inch portfolio.

“Partnering with Scopely is a win, a validation of our work, as well as a significant leap in helping us optimize business opportunities for the games that we have crafted with love,” said Joshua Segall, partner at Space Inch. “Scopely’s track record in catapulting games into high earners and building long-term player engagement has us very excited about working with the best-in-class.”

Scopley’s existing game catalog includes the Dice, Bubble Galaxy and Jewels “With Buddies” titles, as well as the popular competitive word game Wordly.

“Space Inch is one of the most innovative independent game developers in the US with three very creative titles in a row with Say the Same Thing, Disco Bees and Make it Rain,” added Walter Driver, co-founder and CEO of Scopely. “We couldn’t be happier to leverage our publishing platform to help take their games to the next level.”

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