Scooter takes the fall

Libby indicted.jpgDo we really think Scooter acted alone?

The charges: 1 count of Obstruction of Justice; 2 counts of Perjury; and two counts of making False Statements; for allegedly lying in 2003 about how he learned and subsequently disclosed to reporters about the identity of Valerie Plame.

Charges: Libby lied to FBI agents who interviewed him in 2003; committed perjury when he testified before the Grand Jury in March 2004; and obstruction of justice in his attempts to impede the progress of the Grand Jury.

Total: 5 counts in all against Scooter Libby.

My source is CNN (but my graphic comes from MSNBC).

Update: Note that he has not been charged under that Agent Identification Act: “He has not charged a substantive crime involving the disclosure of her identity.”

Right now CNN is fast-forwarding toward the star-studded trial. Matt Cooper! Judy Miller! Dick Cheney! Karl Rove! If you think THIS is a circus…

For the record: I still want to know exactly what was in those redacted eight pages. And something on the record by Robert Novak wouldn’t come amiss, either. Oh yeah, him.

UPDATE: It’s official: Scooter has resigned. Reported by CNN reporting AP and Reuters (but interestingly still nothing on Fox).

So wait, no more indictments? ‘Cause that’s all a bit anticlimactic.