Scoot Networks Offers One Way Trip for Mobile Users

Bike sharing and car sharing now has a stepsister: Scoot Networks, a start-up whose red scooters are now scurrying around the neighborhoods of San Francisco. Unlike most other car sharing services in the U.S., Scoot Networks allow riders to have one-way trips. Did I mention they also have irresistibly cute, red iconic scooters and matching, snazzy helmets?

The best part about the scooter shares is that you can use your smart phone as a key (remember having to search for your Zipcar key card?). Your phone app works as a dashboard with a map, speedometer, and payment system.  Speaking of money, scooter parking is much cheaper on the wallet.

Ethical riders will be happy to know that the scooters operate with electric power, so just unplug the scooter before you ride and charge it when you drop it off.  The scooters are intended for inner city strips and a fully charged scooter can travel up to 25 miles.  Licensed drivers do not need a motorcycle license to start zipping around the city.

Scoots get the equivalent of 850 MPG. When you are riding one, it uses about half the power of your toaster to carry you around the city at 25 MPH. Even when you factor in the emissions from the power plants that make the electricity that goes into a scoot’s battery, the scoot still emits less than 2% of what a car emits when driving in the city. Nearly every part of the scoot is recyclable, including the battery.


Via Gigaom