LAT Vet Jumps to Smartphone Photo Licensing App Scoopshot

Helsinki-based Scoopshot is aiming to more effectively help U.S. Smartphone users harness the editorial earning potential of Twitpics, Instagrams and the like. To spearhead this effort, they recently appointed Dave Rickley to the position of executive vice president, North America. Rickley was previously editor, newsroom operations, at the LA Times.

Credit: Scoopshot / Martin Størup

Scoopshot’s user base is made up of approximately 155,000 people in 177 countries. There are also several dozen media clients, led by European newspaper chain Metro International.

One cool feature – unless perhaps you happen to be a professional photojournalist – allows media clients to blast out a photo assignment and then wait for the pics to roll in. Per a recent write-up on, here’s how one Finnish Scoopshot user has very lucratively taken advantage:

Arto Mäkelö made more than $19,000 U.S. after responding to a task set by Fonecta, a Finnish directory services company, which asked Scoopshot’s users to send in pictures of businesses across the country. Sensing a golden opportunity Arto jumped on his bike and got snapping. Whenever he could get the opportunity, he went from city-to-city capturing thousands of pictures of businesses and selling them to Fonecta for around $2 each.

A few trips and several thousand pictures later, Arto had earned enough money from Scoopshot’s app to book a three-week long vacation to Miami and the Caribbean, as well as an array of high-tech gadgets, including a widescreen TV and a top-of-the-range digital SLR camera.

Credit: Scoopshot / Pannekoek

Rickley is a second-generation LA Times employee who worked at the paper for more than 30 years. Congrats on this exciting new professional adventure.

[Photos used with Scoopshot permission]