Tony Ortega Posts Another Open Letter to Tom Cruise


As with almost all things Scientology/media related, it started with Tony Ortega. The former Village Voice EIC, now blogging at The Underground Bunker, was first to the Leah Remini defection story ahead of the New York Post, Hollywood Reporter and countless other outlets.

Today, Ortega revisits an even bigger CoS celebrity story – Tom Cruise’s deafening silence – in the form of a second open letter to the actor. He posted the first in February 2012, while still at the Voice, and today asks once again how the man with the million-dollar smile can tolerate the sanctioned environment of his billion-dollar spiritual leader:

You remember the stink that Leah raised at your wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006? Leah was surprised to see that your best man, Scientology leader David Miscavige, was there without his wife, Shelly. And when she asked about it, Tommy Davis told her, “You don’t have the f*cking rank to ask about Shelly…”

It turned out that several months before the wedding, Shelly had vanished. And every time Leah asked about it, no one could give her a satisfactory answer about it.

How could the wife of David Miscavige, leader of a billion-dollar worldwide organization, suddenly disappear, and stay disappeared, for years without any sort of accounting?

Ortega writes that Shelly personally supervised those alleged “auditions” for a post-Penélope Cruz Cruise girlfriend. And as he has also so assiduously covered previously, all signs point to the leader’s wife being banished many years ago to a compound near Lake Arrowhead, CA.

This time last year, Church of Scientology lawyer Gary Soter told the New York Daily News that Shelly Miscavige was “not missing. The claim is utterly ridiculous and unfounded.” Read Ortega’s open letter here.