A Radio Call-In Interview for the Ages: Nicole Remini Sticks Up for Her ‘Brooklyn’ Younger Sister


We’ve watched, listened to and read a ton of media coverage over the years about the Church of Scientology. From our perspective, there’s no doubt an interview given this week to Minneapolis-St. Paul radio station myTalk 107.1 FM by Leah Remini’s older sister Nicole belongs at the top of that crowded list.

For a whole bunch of different reasons, it’s very rare when a story like this breaks to hear from an immediate relative of the celebrity in the middle of it. Let alone this quickly.

The public defection of the former King of Queens star is the latest fast-developing PR nightmare for the church. Nicole told hosts Lori and Julia that she wasn’t originally going to say anything but then decided – just like she used to growing up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn – that she felt the need to “stick up” for her younger sister. Nicole lives in the Twin Cities area.

The radio interview was posted this morning on Tony Ortega’s blog, guaranteeing it a large international audience. The Remini call-in conversation starts at the 25-minute mark and is a must-listen for anyone closely following this story.

At the beginning of the full segment, Lori and Julia’s colleague revealed that myTalk 107.1 is a finalist for one of this year’s National Association of Broadcasters “Station of the Year” Marconi Awards.

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