Scientific Groups Reaching Out With Global Warming Campaigns

Scientists are using educational campaigns to inform the media and the public about global warming.

The Union of Concerned Scientists spent time in December meeting with members of the media – including reporters from 60 Minutes, Time, and Reuters – to discuss “global warming science,” Politico reports. The organization’s outreach also includes efforts to get scientists involved in news stories and in front of editorial boards and Rotary clubs.

UCS’s director of science and policy, Peter Frumhoff, said the reporters were most “interested in understanding how casting doubt about mainstream scientific findings that upset powerful financial interests …is a tactic that has been used time and again to delay or avoid regulation.”

Climate Central, a nonprofit media group, is targeting the public with efforts to explain global warming in language that frames it as a “solvable problem.” In the video above, the organization’s CEO and director of comms, Dr. Heidi Cullen counts down the top five climate events of 2010.

Among the other efforts, climate policy advocates are reaching out to the business community to let them know how the issue affects their numbers. The united front from scientists, the efforts to reach a variety of targets, and the continued focus on the issue despite the likelihood that policy change, such as cap-and-trade, won’t be a possibility for at least two years are good long-term strategies.

Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman suggests increased outreach to show, in pictures, how climate change is changing the world. However others in Congress, notably Oklahoma’s Sen. Jim Inhofe say they’re not concerned about these efforts and that they’re meant to “influence” the public rather than educate them.