Ninth-Year USC Student Blogs for Scientific American

The name of local grad student Jason G. Goldman‘s Scientific American blog is “The Thoughtful Animal.” It covers everything from beaver scent-matching to whether or not dogs can pretend.

In a profile chat conducted by the magazine’s blogs editor Bora Zikovic, Goldman (pictured) reveals some pretty hilarious early connections to his current journalistic station. He says Scientific American was one of the only magazines he’d pick up as a kid while sitting in his pediatrician’s waiting room. Later, he started buying the magazine at newsstands. Adds the developmental psych doctoral student:

I started reading science blogs around 2007, shortly before I started grad school. As I read more and more in the science blogosphere, and became more familiar with the academic literature in the areas I was interested in, I realized that there wasn’t anybody writing about the topics I really wanted to read…

I carved out my own little corner of and started writing. I was very fortunate to have been noticed in those early days by people that I now consider friends and colleagues.

Good stuff. And parents, if your kid prefers Tiger Beat while waiting in the pediatrician’s office, you might want to consider intervening.