Science Videos Percolate on YouTube

Experiments, eggheads top comics during ho-hum week

If you think comedy or silly rules YouTube, usually you're right. But last week, a sort of a Revenge of the Nerds theme emerged on the Google-owned video platform, as two science-related clips cracked the top 10 in an otherwise lackluster week.

Atop the VideoWatch/VidIQ Web series ranker was an elaborate explainer from the SloMo Guys detailing the impact of magnetic liquid on a super hydrophonic surface, which you've probably always wondered about. The geeky clip generated 3.5 million views, despite its length (five and a half minutes).

In fifth place was another five-minute-plus explainer from the SciShow team dubbed The Truth About Redheads. The truth is, they're not evil (or so science says).

Check out the ranking here:

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