The Science Of Social Media: When (And How Often) Should You Tweet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

When and how you share your content on Twitter and Facebook has always been a topic of considerable interest, particularly for marketers and brands – we’ve written about this subject many times at AllTwitter.

This new infographic from KISSmetrics uses data to determine when the highest percentage of your audience is eavesdropping on your social channels, so that when you share content you’ll get maximum exposure and achieve optimum results.

The data is US-centric but makes some interesting points. On Twitter:

  • The Eastern and Central timezones combined represent almost 80% of the US population
  • About 6% of all retweets on Twitter occur at 5pm ET
  • You’ll get a better click-through rate if you tweet 1-4 times per hour, midweek or on weekends, either at noon or 6pm ET

On Facebook:

  • Saturday is the best day to share content
  • Noon is the optimum time
  • 0.5 posts per day is the best sharing frequency

From personal experience it’s long been my opinion that on Twitter it’s best to share your most important content twice per day – once mid-morning (9.30-11am) in your own timezone and once again about 5-7 hours later. For me this ensures that my articles are seen by both my local audience in the UK, and the larger, more influential US members of my network.

Because such a small percentage of your Twitter network is online (and, more importantly, paying attention) at any given time, this is a system I recommend to everybody. On Twitter you want and need to cast your net as widely as possible, and these repeat performances pay off. Adjust for your local timeframe, and don’t abuse the privilege by spamming your network or endlessly re-sharing triviality and junk. Save it for the things that matter.

(Source: KISSmetrics.)