SCI-Arc’s Got a New Annual Publication and a Shiny New Table To Read It On


How we love venturing into the dusty heart of downtown LA to see what’s happening at SCI-Arc. Situated between the LA River and run-down warehouses boasting bolsa de regalo, and heaped with drifts made from scraps of materials we didn’t even know existed, SCI-Arc is a top secret lair of creative geniuses masquerading as a junkyard.

During our last visit we got a sneak peek of a new conference table built last semester by the students of Heather Flood and Ramiro Diaz-Granados (also known as F-Lab). The table is affectionately named CHUB and lives in the Ray Kappe Library, where it’s getting all sorts of weird looks as people try to decide if they should hide in it, fear it, eat it, or just sit at it. It’s simply stunning in person. And huge! Lots more shots here.


Then we went down to visit Brian Roettinger, the master behind SCI-Arc’s publications (we loved his shrink-wrapped poster that went out last year). Roettinger just finished up Onramp, the first publication of all-student work by SCI-Arc. Edited by Florencia Pita, and designed by Roettinger and Lucas Quigley, Onramp includes hundreds of projects from the 2006-7 academic year, organized into duotone spreads color-coded by studio.

The first thing you’ll notice about Onramp, however, is this logo, with its hodgepodge of vaguely familiar letterforms. They’re from the logos of six 80’s punk bands, Roettinger smiled as he told us (he has a music label, heck, even his lecture posters look like they’re for rock shows). “Historically SCI-Arc is known as ‘those renegades,’ maybe not always following the norm or following the rules,” he told us. “Much like these bands did in the 80s.” The book’s theme will transform completely for future editions to reflect the current vibe of the school. But for now, can you guess which bands are represented in the cover? Answers below…

Both the table and the book will premiere on January 25, when SCI-Arc will have a little open house of sorts. Keep reading to see more Onramp shots and the answers to the Onramp Punk Band Logo Quiz!




O = Weirdoes
N = Christian Death
R = Circle Jerks
A = Black Flag
M = Germs
P = Plugs

(Wow, that reads like a bad Saturday night, doesn’t it?)