Schwarzenegger Luvs Palin

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggerarnold3.jpg is head over heels for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palinpalin.jpg.

Well, sort of.

No, it’s not another groping scandal gone bad. At the American Magazine Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, The Terminator opened up in Ad Age with his declaration.

Schwarzenegger had initially teased Palin when Sen. John McCain picked her for a running mate.

“That’s what’s wrong with the Constitution,” Schwarzenegger said he told her, referring to the citizenship requirement blocking him from the presidency. “Miss Alaska is beating Mr. Universe.”

And what’s more, Schwarzenegger maintained in an interview with Rick Stengel, managing editor of Time magazine, people should stop predicting a McCain loss on Nov. 4.

“People always count him out at the wrong time,” he said. Ms. Palin’s executive experience as a mayor and now governor prepared her well to run, he added.

“I think that she would be a great vice president,” he said.