Schwarzenegger's Kid Is The Most Viral Facebook Meme

News of Arnold Schwarzenegger's illegitimate child has become the most viral meme on Facebook.

Facebookers are fascinated with the news of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child bastard kid illegitimate child, sired by the booted maid.

The topic has become the most viral meme on Facebook, with posts ranging from bawdy riffs on the former Governator’s lack of restraint to shocked indignation, rants about birth control and protestations that people ought not care about Arnold’s dalliances.

All but the latter are accompanied by shares of video footage and links to stories.

Many of the posts with commentary about Arnold’s career indicate he will continue to have plenty of prospects in Hollywood in spite of all the brouhaha — his time is politics is over.

(Readers, I openly admit to having voted for the Governator’s re-election — although not his initial run — and yet I can’t stop tittering at all of the humorous posts going up.)

Meanwhile, a fan page devoted to the former Schwarzenegger maid made famous and mother of his child has 1,484 fans as of this writing.

But Mildred Patricia Baena has much greater popularity as a viral reposting meme, as legions of Facebookers post video footage and links to stories about her.

Readers, what are your friends posting about Schwarzenegger’s kid, and which ones are your favorites?