Schwarzenegger firmly against celebrity assault

sch103.jpgWow. That darn governor Schwarzenegger. You’d think with all the money he’s collected from AMI, not to mention the company’s willingness to help him supress embarrassing incidents from his past, that he’d be sympathetic to the paparazzi who, through their blood, sweat and willingness to invade the privacy of celebrities, keep AMI and other media companies in business. Instead, he goes ahead and signs a bill that triples damages celebrities can seek from paparazzi who assault them. What’s more, the bill forbids photographers to profit from photos taken in an altercation.

Okay, actually, I shouldn’t joke about this, because the legislation only applies to actual physical assaults rather than more nebulous invasions of privacy, and as such, doesn’t seem unreasonable. So, to my paparazzi readership: DON’T HIT ANYONE. Thank you.