School of Visual Arts Launches New MFA Program in Documentary Filmmaking


Our good pal Steven Heller dropped us a line to let us know that the place he spends a lot of his time, the School of Visual Arts, has launched a brand new MFA program that we wish we could drop out of working life and move to NY to attend. It’s the two-year Master of Fine Arts Degree in Social Documentary Film, which will begin in the fall of 2009 and will feature a roster of instructors that make our hearts skip a beat. Maro Chermayeff, the producer and director of the PBS series, Carrier is set to chair the program and other instructors include Michael Epstein, Susan Froemke, and fantastic cinematographer, Bob Richman. If you’re in the market for a graduate film program, it sounds just spectacular. And might we suggest that one of the first projects the SVA’s new students in the program work on be UnBeige: The Untold Story, so we can be involved to? Because, really, you wouldn’t believe the skeletons we have in our closets, especially in Stephanie’s.