School of Dragons MMORPG comes to Android devices


After a successful launch on Facebook and iOS, JumpStart and Dreamworks’ School of Dragons has now launched on Android devices. The MMORPG for kids is based on the world of the How to Train Your Dragon films, and lets players become rookie dragon tamers, helping their companions grow into stronger dragons via mini-games and quests.

Since launching on iOS last December, School of Dragons has increased its daily active users and gameplay sessions by 700 percent. The iOS version of the game represents 50 percent of both players and revenue.

“School of Dragons gives players an experience no other MMORPG can provide — players dive into a massive, live and immersive 3D world fully integrated with the famous How to Train Your Dragon franchise,” said JumpStart CEO David Lord. “This game is an extension of everything fans love about the franchise; it gives fans a way to make their interactions with the story and world a lifestyle, not just an average gaming session.”

Android users can pick up their progress from other devices, whether they’ve previously played the game on iOS, Facebook or web browser. The game is one of the only educational MMORPGs, as players complete classes in a virtual school to learn about science, and can learn about farming and agriculture on their own farms, as examples.

School of Dragons is now available to download for free on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Check out our full coverage of the game here, and check back soon to track the game on our app tracking platform AppData.