Brooklyn Newspaper Applauds 12-Year-Old DNC Reporter

Part of this year's Scholastic News Kids Press Corps.

Anything that brings more attention to Scholastic’s nationwide annual News Kids Press Corps program is fine by us.

This year, one of the 35 teenage journalists chosen for the 2015-16 edition was 12-year-old Forte Greene resident Adedayo Perkovich. Her on-site report about the 2016 Democratic National Convention has been reprinted today by Brooklyn’s Our Times Press newspaper.

Another example of the program’s reach is an Aug. 11 piece filed by Benjamin Schiller, born in 2002. He covered a Trump rally in South Florida:

In the press area, I encountered Brent Batten, a columnist for the Naples Daily News. I asked about the differences between covering the presidential primary season and the general election. “It’s [less intense] during the primary season,” Ballen said, “because people support multiple candidates of the same party. In the general election, all of the voters typically support their party’s nominee.”

The Scholastic student reporting program also teaches participants how to put together compelling on-camera work. Pieces this summer include 11-year-old Ryan Stoltz’s interview with Seth Meyers and Esther Applestein’s hang with Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda. (We’re guessing in the latter case her parents might have been more excited about the assignment than she was.)

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