Schock Gets Ripped, Gay Rumors Refueled

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) may not want to be known as just the hunky congressman. No, he’s not just a piece of congressional meat. But every so often, he can’t restrain himself. He must flaunt those abs. This time, shirtless on the cover of a men’s mag.

Hence his latest splash of press on the cover of Men’s Health. In the story, he’s called “The Ripped Representative.” Not so Schocking: He’s one of several reps that regularly does P90X sessions, a routine that gets him to the gym each weekday morning at 6:30 for a crunch marathon. Most Schocking: That he didn’t expect this story to refuel online rumors that he’s gay. The story, which weirdly makes no mention of his personal life, says he’s “pretty fly” for a guy from Peoria. This is exemplified by the fact that he showed up to his photo shoot in a snug-fitting Zegna suit as opposed to the ugly, shapeless congressional uniform.

In 2009 TMZ outed his abs with a picture of him poolside. Last year a photograph of Schock at a White House picnic wearing a belt (see both pictures below) ignited online with bloggers suggesting his gayness. So what did he do? He burned the belt. Today The Advocate posted a story about this most recent cover and while we can’t print many of the comments, one reader said, “He needs a lobotomy and a brassiere.”

At this rate, what can we expect next: A spread in Playgirl?

While the one commenter on the Men’s Health site says, “One word: Dang!” not everyone is enthralled with Schock’s physique: To put it bluntly, an observer tells me, look at his shrunken head: “He looks like he pissed off a witch doctor – each one of his man boobs is bigger than his noggin. He’s a small guy and the body just seems disproportionate. If that’s what healthy looks like, I’m sticking to my current regime of keyboard aerobics.  Also, did you notice his abnormally long arms?”

The story, while presenting him like the month of May on a beefcake calendar, also addresses deeper misconceptions about him. “The biggest misconception people have about me is that when they see how young I am, they think, ‘Oh, this guy must have always wanted to be in politics, his parents must have been politically connected,’ ” Schock tells Men’s Health.

The piece asks, “Want abs the size of a woman’s fist?” Check out Schocks workout routine.





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